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Audyssey MultEQ Editor App
Audyssey MultEQ Editor App

The latest Marantz audio video products use Audyssey MultEQ for simple, accurate set-up and calibration of your system to the room in which it’s used. But now you can go further with the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app, going ‘under the hood’ to view and adjust settings for detailed tuning – allowing you to customize the sound more precisely to the specific problems in your room, and tailor the sound to your personal preferences. With this comprehensive app, you can harness the power of Audyssey MultEQ to take total control of the way your home cinema sounds.
This app will allow you to:

  • View the speaker detection results, to check correct installation
  • View before and after results of the Audyssey calibration, making it easy to identify room problems
  • Edit the Audyssey target curve for each channel pair to suit your tastes
  • Adjust the overall EQ frequency rolloff for each channel pair
  • Switch between 2 high frequency rolloff target curves
  • Enable/Disable midrange compensation to make the sound brighter or smoother
  • Save and load calibration results


Optimized Design


Tämä applikaatio vaatii rautatason yhteensopivuuden laitteesi kanssa. Ole hyvä ja tarkista, että Denon laitteesi on yhteensopiva, ennen kuin ostat applikaation.

Vieraile Apple App Storessa tai Google Play Storessa tarkistaaksesi applikaation kanssa yhteensopivat laitteet.


The Audyssey MultEQ Editor App is available for purchase at:

Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. The OS language setting is automatically detected; when not available, English is selected.)